So called Buddhists trying to save Buddhism and Sinhalese

Among all the melodramatic situation in Sri Lanka, Buddhists trying to save their religion and their nationality is making so much noise in the society. Racism is become one of the biggest issue we have as a result of this.

What is Buddhism?

Let’s just dig in to the concept of Buddhism for a second. First of all, Buddhism is rather a philosophy than a religion. It’s a philosophy about the life, about the existence, fundamentals about the nature and the basic principles of the life and it’s behaviors.

What Buddhism teach us?

Buddhism is all about the nature of our existence. It’s explained how we evolve and how we should behave by understanding the wright from wrong. It explained the very nature of ours with nature and it provides basic guide lines to do good deeds in our lives which mostly proved by the science. It teaches us to question things we don’t understand and accept things based on clear and correct judgments. It’s a way of ending this circle we are running.

Did we absorbed the right teachings of Buddhism?

Most people don’t. Specially the ones who are labeling them as true Buddhists. Let’s move into some common practices which we do incorrect

  1. We all are humans.

Buddhism teaches us to treat each and everyone as human beings yet we chose to categorize people by their religion, nationality, color, language, cast and etc. What’s the point of being a Buddhist if we can’t treat others as humans despite of above things?

2. Everything is changing including the “Change” and everything will be gone someday.

Lord Buddha said that everything is keep changing till the day it will be gone and most of so called Buddhists are behaving like we are here for the eternity. The very people who are trying to save the Buddhism are completely forgotten the real concepts of it. People trying so hard to save the religion but load Buddha himself said that it will also be gone someday. Buddhism doesn’t needs to be saved by people but want people to understand the wright from wrong with the guidance and live as human being.

3. Don’t follow anything just because someone said it. Question them and think practically.

Lord Buddha gifted us the truth he understood and ask us to check the validity of the things he said before following. So the Buddhist should be a thinker and a practical person but most of us blindly follow the things without clearly thinking about how practical them on our lives and how to apply them on our lives. Things change over the time and people change so we have to change according to them. No one can stay without changing. Nowadays people tend to believe anything anyone is saying without thinking properly.

It’s a common thing that most Buddhists are saying about having more number of children to save the nationality and the religion. When we think about the true concept of Buddhism, it teaches us to let go of the things you hold dear. live like the wind. think about the life as a precious thing and try to practice our minds and take the control of our own actions yet people wants to have more and more interactions with others and create more and more of their own and spread and hold on to things.

Religions doesn’t need to be saved by the people but wants people to follow the good things mentioned there and be good human beings.

People are so eager to build temples and many things to save the religion but nothing mentioned in the Buddhism like it. It is just a set of guidelines to improve our mindset and achieve the ultimate goal of Nirvana. It’s a long process with lots of steps which will across through many life times yet people are trying to do everything but this exact thing.

Buddhism encourage normal people to have a good lives. I encourage people to earn money through a legit work and earn as much as people want to achieve their goals and be successful. It encourage people to have a balance life with all the good things like good food, good education, good place to live and to have good experiences. Physically and mentally satisfied person is a gift to the nature because he has a clear mindset to see things properly and act on them properly. Making more children won’t save any religion. Don’t make them suffer by having too many children you can’t provide the proper care and support instead have one or two and provide them a good life. Provide them everything good and the true wisdom of the life and he or she will be a great human being one day and will support the community to make a better world in the future. Always teach your children to treat everyone as human being despite their religion, nationality, color, country, language and etc. Support them to understand the good from bad and support them whenever they need your support for the good and only then you can save this world (Not the religion or the nationality)

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