I don’t know anything about you and may be you also don’t know anything about me either…

I don’t know why I wright this to you and whether you ever get to know that I wrote to you.

You have got yourself a great gift brother and you better see…

This image is a good example of how people segregated based on many different facts like beliefs and etc.

People who are in the same group have good connections between each others but not with the people from different groups.

From where we start “Segregation”?

Different people will have different…

We used to see each other everyday

every hour, every minute and every second

life and society made us apart

but we used to see each other as much as we could

The day you found something different

the day you found some others different

the day you found a different society

is the day which made you don’t want to see me

Though you want to see me time to time

choose to not to do it for an unknown reason

I know one day we will see each other again

but that day I will not be able to open my eyes to look at yours

Life is everything but something can predict

The laughs and the tears we share

no man or no woman can tell

when they gonna flip over and direct us somewhere we never imagined

We don’t know where is this wind taking us

will never know where it’s gonna left us

Love is like a butterfly

when it at it’s best and

love is like a fire dragon

when it at it’s worst

තනිකම රජයන මගේ හදවත

සැරිසරයි සත් වසක මතකයන් අතර ඔබ එක්ක

මතක් වී ඔබෙ සොඳුරු ආදරය

නෙතු හඬයි මා කුමක් කරනුද…

නොදැන සිටියෙමි කෙසේ පවසම්ද

ඉතින් කිසිත් නොකිවුවෙමි ලොවට ඇසෙන්නට

උගෙන ගත්තෙමි මගේ පාඩම

පැවසිය යුතුව තිබුණි මගේ හදවත

ගලක් වූ ඔබ දකින මා නෙත

කඳුළු වගුරයි රකුසු ගංගාවක් විලස

සිතාගත නොහී කුමක් කරනුද

ඔබේ පින්තුරයක් දෙස බලා ඉඳිමි මම

දනිමි ඔබ නැති ලොවක කටුක බව

බලා ඉන්නෙමි පිළිගන්න ඔබ තිදෙනාම…

ඉතින් සොඳුරිය සිත මෙලෙක් කර තව

එක වරක් ඉවසන්න මේ මෝඩ කොල්ලව..

Udara Madushanka

Love anything related to #basketball, #food, #MotoGP, #CarRacing and #traveling. Huge #cricket fan.

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